#PACNcommunity Strong

  While everyone was glad to see Hurricane Harvey make its exit, the wake of tragedy and devastation it left behind will go down in history.  There are many stories to be told, but the one we want to mention concerns YOU, our wonderful PACN Community. Together, we stepped to the task of touching lives […]

Two Truths and a Lie

During the week of October 23-28, pro-abortion groups from around the U.S. are launching a harassment campaign targeting pregnancy medical clinics, like PACN, labeling us as “fake” clinics. Pro-abortion activists plan to “expose” all of the things that pregnancy centers do to “trick” their clientele. ExposeFakeClinics.com states that since there are only 780 real abortion clinics […]

Without YOU, it doesn’t work

It’s true! Without YOU, it doesn’t work. PACN is dependent upon the thousands of donors that give each year so that women and men in our community can receive no-cost medical care and receive trusted information which empowers them to make informed, healthy choices. These donors give in many ways. Each week, PACN relies on […]

Volunteer spotlight: Caring for clients

Countless people volunteer at PACN because they too, have ‘walked a mile’ in our clients’ shoes. The following is an interview with Kim, a PACN nurse, who cares for clients by performing ultrasounds, STD testing and assisting with well-woman exams. WHY DO YOU VOLUNTEER AT PACN? “Because I was a 16 year-old mom.  I didn’t get […]

#GiveBig4PACN: Will you spread the word?

PACN is excited to participate in the Big Give Houston campaign on May 3, 2016 from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. During this 24-hour crowdfunding event we want to challenge YOU to spread the word via social media.  Would you be willing to partner with us? Begin now! Like and follow us on the social […]

Erica’s #myfreedomstory

Dear PACN, You all were a god send.  I wish all the doctors and hospitals were like you.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for giving us someone to talk to.  My life is better with PACN involved.  Thank you for encouraging new parents, mommies and survivors. I had such a hard time with the […]

Amy’s #myfreedomstory

Dear PACN, Thanks for reaching out to me! It seems like such a long time ago when I was feeling uncertain about my pregnancy.  I will never forget how helpful it was to talk to someone.  I was so overwhelmed and it was a tough time. But things have completely turned around for me!  I […]

Melinda’s #myfreedomstory

You could hear gasps and see eyes suddenly filled with tears as many learned the sad news. Sarah, a PACN client, had lost her life in childbirth.  The baby would now be raised by her loving grandmother, Melinda. As Melinda sat down one day, she opened a Bible that PACN had given to her daughter, […]

Brittany’s #myfreedomstory

Brittany found out she was pregnant in her junior year of college.  She didn’t know what to do or how she would take care of herself or her baby.  After many feelings of uncertainty, she decided that moving home with her family would be the best decision. Brittany found PACN in her fifth month of […]

Renee’s #myfreedomstory

Renee was 18 years-old.  She was a good girl who always followed the rules, worked hard in college, earned good grades and even managed to hold down a 38 hour per week job.  But here she was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with a boyfriend who had no job, no car and very little support.  Renee […]