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Welcome to our Baby Bottle Campaign! You have an opportunity to give LIFE to women, men and children in our community, not only physically but spiritually, simply by giving to our baby bottle fundraiser.

In the midst of our current situation, with social distancing and uncertain times, we have a new online giving option that will allow you a simple and stress-free way to donate. We realize that this may be an uncertain time for you as well, however, our mission is still urgent in serving our clients with no-cost medical care and education. Your faithful financial support allows us to serve and minister to our clients in an unplanned and uncertain situation.

You have the option to continue filling our bottles the traditional way with cash, checks and change or you can simply give here online. If you are with a participating church, please be sure to indicate which church you are with.

Traditional Campaign

  • Choose a start and end date (usually 2-4 weeks)
  • Announce the fundraiser and download the materials below
  • Distribute the bottles to be filled with cash, checks and change
  • Return the bottles to PACN and the amount raised will be reported to you
  • Please email to reserve your bottles
  • Helpful materials

Online Giving

Fill a Baby Bottle