Two Truths and a Lie

fake clinic graphic
During the week of October 23-28, pro-abortion groups from around the U.S. are launching a harassment campaign targeting pregnancy medical clinics, like PACN, labeling us as “fake” clinics.
Pro-abortion activists plan to “expose” all of the things that pregnancy centers do to “trick” their clientele. states that since there are only 780 real abortion clinics versus the estimated 4,000 “fake clinics” in the United States, comprehensive reproductive healthcare for women is under severe attack.  So let’s set things right.
Two Truths:
Truth #1: There are over 5 times more pregnancy centers in the United States than abortion clinics.  These centers exist to offer women informed choices about their pregnancies and sexual health.  We educate women and let the truth speak for itself.
Truth #2: Not all pregnancy centers can call themselves medical clinics, however, PACN can.  Through a God-sized vision and supportive donors, PACN opened its Well Woman facility several years ago.  It operates under the medical license of a local OB/GYN, clients are seen by a nurse practioner and all medical tests are administered by licensed nurses.  We offer holistic medical care to EVERY client who walks through our doors.
One Lie:
Lie #1: Well, there are actually many lies to address but time is short so lets address, the go-to for these zealous groups.  Women are lied to, shamed and pressured at pregnancy centers.  Perhaps this is the easiest lie to refute.
We know that women who walk through our doors are listened to, cared for with excellence and empowered with the truth.  Instead of presenting only one option concerning pregnancy (abortion), we present many options. Much more, we pledge to walk beside women by offering educational, emotional and material support.
And if she chooses abortion?  We will be there for her when she is ready to heal.
It is expected that pregnancy medical clinics will continue to be under fire.  We do unfathomable work to people whose eyes are veiled from the compassionate love of the Gospel. Our work will go on until Christ returns.
In the mean time, would you commit to pray for PACN?  Would you also commit to pray for the minds and hearts of the people involved in these pro-abortion groups?  They need Jesus too!

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