Renee’s #myfreedomstory

freedomstoryblog_renee_250Renee was 18 years-old.  She was a good girl who always followed the rules, worked hard in college, earned good grades and even managed to hold down a 38 hour per week job.  But here she was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with a boyfriend who had no job, no car and very little support.  Renee was devastated.  This pregnancy did not fit in with the plans she had for her life.

One afternoon, she confided the news of her pregnancy to a friend at work.  Renee let her know she was feeling lost and confused. Her friend was concerned so she suggested Renee make an appointment at PACN.  Being a shy person who held such high expectations for herself, Renee was skeptical. She didn’t want anyone judging her or looking down on her, but her friend insisted and finally, she made the appointment.

Renee’s appointment day came but as she neared the building she drove past it, rethinking if she should even go. Luckily, she gathered the courage to pull into the parking lot and come inside.  Renee was pleasantly surprised.

When her name was called, she was greeted by a friendly consultant, and Renee was able to take a deep breath.  Her pregnancy test confirmed what she already knew, she was pregnant, but this was the first time that someone was right there by her side, assuring her that everything would be ok.

Still sensing Renee’s nervousness, her consultant was able to schedule an ultrasound for the next day.  As she viewed her baby on the screen, she instantly fell in love with the life growing inside her and felt the feelings of uncertainty wash away.  Three weeks later, Renee was able to come back and see her baby a second time through the ultrasound. It was at that point that she made the choice to carry her pregnancy to term.

During her pregnancy, Renee chose to make an adoption plan for her baby.  It would be the hardest decision of her life but one that she was sure of.

“#myfreedom story is about the empowerment to choose adoption. It’s been 6 years now and I feel glad that I chose an adoption plan for my baby, “Renee said. “PACN helped me to overcome the terrible feelings I was going through. Without PACN, I would not have been able to give new life to others.  You gave me the strength to make the right decision.  I am now happy and confident within myself.”

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