Melinda’s #myfreedomstory

freedomstoryblog_melindaYou could hear gasps and see eyes suddenly filled with tears as many learned the sad news. Sarah, a PACN client, had lost her life in childbirth.  The baby would now be raised by her loving grandmother, Melinda.

As Melinda sat down one day, she opened a Bible that PACN had given to her daughter, and the memories of her life came flooding back. She remembered the day she walked into PACN with her daughter Sarah and her boyfriend.  Sarah’s full intention, along with her boyfriend’s, was to both carry and parent this baby.  Little could Melinda know that life would not turn out as any of them had expected.

Melinda could recall the first time she walked into Hope’s Chest—the place where PACN keeps the maternity and baby clothing that clients “check-out” and return after use—it was oddly overwhelming.  She remembered tears welling up in her eyes as she was filled with gratitude for all the ways that PACN provided for her daughter as well as other young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Melinda also remembered the day she came into PACN to share the news that her daughter had been called home to be with the Lord.  She found such comfort in meeting with her daughter’s consultant, and she began to build a relationship of love and support through her own grief. Sarah’s consultant had been so supportive; now she was supporting Melinda.

It’s been 4 years since that tragedy but Melinda regularly donates all of her granddaughter’s clothing to PACN.  She says it’s the best way for her to give back. In addition, Melinda stays in contact with Sarah’s consultant, and they exchange pictures of her granddaughter and pray together.

Melinda’s #myfreedomstory is one of relationship and healing.  PACN believes every appointment is a Divine appointment—we are here to help both the client and the family.

It’s through our clients’ stories that we see the many ways God uses us at PACN.  Sometimes it is by helping with material, educational, medical or spiritual needs.  Sometimes it is simply to be here to share memories of a loved one God has called home.

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