God is always watching

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Matthew 10: 29-30

By Penny Maina, PACN volunteer

Spring | Summer 2013 newsletter

I am what you might call a ‘Jill of all Skills’ at PACN. I just tend to work wherever the need is greatest on my days at the center.

This past Tuesday, I decided to tackle a pile of client files that needed to be closed out. A consultant would normally close out a file if the client had a miscarriage or chose to terminate the pregnancy, or if the client is no longer eligible for services at the center. A file will also be closed out if a consul­tant has tried several times to contact a client without any success. In this case, the outcome would be unknown.

The first pile I picked up was that of a client, Joanna Smith*. Joanna had visited the center exactly a year ago. She stated that she was in a very abusive relationship and that the father of her baby, who was also present during the visit, was adamant that she terminate the pregnancy or else he would leave her.

The consultant who met with Joanna had de­cided to close out Joanna’s file because she had been unable to contact her in the year since she had visited the center. In her notes, the consultant had stated that every time she called the number on file she was told that Joanna was not allowed to talk on the phone.

My heart ached as I read this file. I wondered what had happened to Joanna. I hoped that she had gotten out of this terrible situation. It pained me to close her file out without knowing what had happened to her.

After I had closed her file, I placed my hand on it and I prayed for her. Even though we did not know what happened to Joanna, I knew that our ever-knowing God does, so I asked Him to take care of her.

Our volunteer receptionist had to leave early that morning, so she asked me if I could cover the front desk for her. (I did say I am a Jill of all Skills, right?) It was a rather busy morning with a steady stream of clients coming in and out of the center. A little after noon, a young lady walked in. I greeted her and asked if I could help her with anything. She said she had been online searching for women’s shelters and was looking for a particular one she could not find.

She asked if I had any information on that shel­ter. I asked her to have a seat while I found her the information. I gave her the list of shelters that we had and asked if she would need any help contact­ing the shelters.

She asked if she could use our phone to contact the shelters and I told her to wait while I found a private room with a phone.

As I walked out of the room I turned and asked her, “Is it ok if I ask your name?”

“Joanna Smith,” she said.

I was almost floored! I asked her to follow me into a consulting room and I told her that very morning I had prayed for her. Joanna told me that she was in a very bad situation that she was trying to get out of, but declined to discuss it further.

I took her to our medical office, which was empty at the time, so she could use a phone. After she contacted all the shelters on our list, she thanked me and left.

I still don’t know what happened to Joanna, but I find great peace and comfort in knowing that I know Someone who does.

Even though we do not have any way of con­tacting her directly, God does, and I know that He reaches her because that morning I asked Him to and He did.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.

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