Client Voices: Meet Mommy MA

This sweet mommy will celebrate one year of life with her little one this fall.  Through adjusting to sleeping with a little one in the house or just getting sleep at all, we know her journey into motherhood has been filled with wonderful moments. It’s true what they say-a baby changes everything! Q: How have […]

Client Voice: Meet Mommy P

With strong emotional support and helpful services from PACN, this mommy is able to be ‘the best she can be!’  She will soon celebrate her son’s first birthday and PACN has been able to walk with them every step of the way. Q: How have PACN services been helpful to you and your family? PACN […]

Client Voices: Meet Mommy DL & Baby

A unique part of the services PACN offers clients is maternity & baby photo shoots. This allows clients to celebrate life and also document those special first moments.  Thanks to Mommy DL for sharing her experience with us as well as her beautiful baby! Q: How have PACN services been helpful to you and your […]

Client Voices: Meet Mommy ME

Mommy M is expecting her little girl just before Christmas! We’re happy she found PACN and that we’ve been able to help her prepare for the birth of her daughter.  Q: How have PACN services been helpful to you and your family? A: PACN has helped me learn about resources available in the community. I […]

Client Voices: Meet Mommy M

Sometimes women are nervous when they come to PACN for the first time. Many are seeking answers to questions about pregnancy, their options and how to find the support they need. Mommy M admits she was like many clients before her first appointment – unsure of what she’d find at PACN. Now that we’ve partnered […]

Client Voices: Meet Mommy E and Daddy A

We met Mommy E and Daddy A when they came to PACN for a pregnancy test and consultation. Our photographer was thrilled to work with them to capture sweet memories during their maternity shoot, and again for a new baby shoot after their daughter was born in June. Congrats, Mommy E and Daddy A!  Q: […]

Volunteer Voices: Meet Marlene

More than 130 volunteers each week give their time and prayers to assist every client who walks through PACN’s doors. One of our long-time volunteers, Marlene, explains what keeps her coming back. I get a lot of personal satisfaction out of volunteering as a consultant at PACN because: introducing people to Jesus their Savior brings […]

Client Voices: Meet Mommy S

  Mommy S came to PACN at the beginning of her pregnancy. Due to a medical misdiagnosis, she and her husband did not know if they could have a baby. They were so excited when the pregnancy test was positive, and PACN provided the first ultrasound, before Mommy S was under a doctor’s care. She and […]

Client Q&A: Catching up with Niki, one year later

When Niki came to PACN in 2012, a positive pregnancy test had her in tears and feeling desperate. She already had a baby girl at home, her relationship with the baby’s father was falling apart and she didn’t think she could face her family and tell them she was pregnant. Niki believed abortion was the […]

45 minutes turned my life around

by a PACN client *Katie couldn’t believe she had to get a test to see if her boyfriend exposed her to a sexually transmitted disease (STD). *Adam told her that he loved her and she was the only one for him. When Katie saw texts to him from another woman, she confronted Adam. That is when […]