Client Voices: Meet Mommy E and Daddy A

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We met Mommy E and Daddy A when they came to PACN for a pregnancy test and consultation. Our photographer was thrilled to work with them to capture sweet memories during their maternity shoot, and again for a new baby shoot after their daughter was born in June. Congrats, Mommy E and Daddy A! 

Q: How have PACN services been helpful to you and your family?

A: I first came to PACN when I suspected I was pregnant and wanted to know for sure. It was such a great experience from the minute I walked into the door. The staff was so friendly and the lady that took my pregnancy test made me feel completely comfortable. She was genuinely interested in me and making sure I was taken care of. She gave me lots of information and phone numbers if I needed any help financially or emotionally during this phase of life. She even gave me a little gift in congratulations of my positive pregnancy test and in it was a little Bible in which she read a verse in Psalms (I think it was Psalms 139:13-18) and she also prayed with me. It was such a lovely experience.

PACN provided me with a voucher for free Birthing Classes held at Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands (a $70 value!) My husband and I were able to attend three out of four of the classes and were better prepared for labor. Also, PACN gave me the contact information for one of their employees who also volunteers her time to take maternity and newborn photos for free! I was so surprised and excited to hear about this. Heather did such a GREAT job doing a maternity photo shoot with us, as well as a newborn session. She was patient, kind, relaxed, and really nice to work with. The pictures turned out so cute! She’s been a blessing in my life!

Q: What advice would you give to other moms who come to PACN for our services?

A: This is an outstanding service provided by people who really CARE about the ups and downs of pregnancy. They are truly there for you, and selflessly work to help provide you with the things you need. I would strongly recommend PACN to other moms, no matter what their situation or background. Also, I would say, dont be afraid to go talk to the girls at PACN if you have a stable income and are not in financial need. It is not just about getting help financially. It’s also the emotional support, the friendly encounters, and the love that they give that really gives pregnancy an extra glow.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a parent? The hardest thing?

A: EVERYTHING!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom!! It’s the 3rd best thing in my life, outside of Salvation and my husband. I love watching my baby grow and learn things… right now, she is learning how to control her arms and reach up to grab her toys 🙂 She has become so much more content and happy and she is responding to us with smiles and a little bit of baby talk. 🙂 My favorite time is in the mornings… when she first wakes up, she is SO happy and smiles at you so excitedly! I also LOVE nursing! It’s just amazing… the bond, the fulfillment, the joy… There is nothing like being able to care for a completely dependent, adorable little baby. 🙂

The hardest thing, I’d say is when she was crying in the evenings and we couldn’t figure out why. Nothing we did seemed to help… It is a pretty tough time.. My mom and gramma kept telling that most newborns went through that phase and sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do, so just hang in there and it’ll pass in time. Thankfully this phase only lasted about 2 weeks I guess. And then everything just got better and better!

Q: How old is your baby?

A: My baby is two months and two days old! 🙂

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