45 minutes turned my life around

by a PACN client


*Katie couldn’t believe she had to get a test to see if her boyfriend exposed her to a sexually transmitted disease (STD). *Adam told her that he loved her and she was the only one for him. When Katie saw texts to him from another woman, she confronted Adam. That is when she realized she needed to get tested.

Katie came to PACN because she would not have to pay to get tested. She met with one of PACN’s nurses. The results of the test made her heart pound and her stomach turn; then she cried. “Why? Why do I always pick losers?” she sobbed. “I hate men!”

Two months later, Katie wrote a note to the nurse who helped her.

“I believe that your talk, prayer and demeanor helped me turn my life around. After you prayed so specifically for me, a friend (out of the blue) invited me to church. The message was about God’s love for women and how a woman should be loved! I heard the importance of a man first loving God and then me.

“I see the need for a regular time to spend with God in His Word. I want a strong relationship with God. He will help me make the right choices.

“I have changed; even a friend asked me what was different.

“I want you to know that God used you in a mighty way in my life.”

 *Names changed to protect confidentiality

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