Hobby Lobby case prompts discussion on “whole care” approach

Susan Chapel, PR & Marketing Manager

Whether you believe the Hobby Lobby case was built on contraception or abortion, everyone can agree a woman deserves access to the best quality healthcare.

Best quality healthcare attends to a woman on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.  It is delivered by people who compassionately listen to her needs, help her address them and provide educational materials that are factual and non-biased. She should be fully informed about health decisions for herself, her body and her unborn child.

When facing the pressure of an unplanned pregnancy, sometimes it’s hard to see past current circumstances and emotions. The Guttmacher Institute, a research arm of Planned Parenthood, found that by age 45, an estimated 50 percent of women in the U.S. will experience an unplanned pregnancy, and just under 3 in 10 of those women will choose to abort.

Focus on the Family reports that many women who have had an abortion identify with Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS), which includes painful thoughts and emotions, especially guilt, anger,  grief and the inability to acknowledge that a loss has happened, along with a lack of peace with herself, those involved in the pregnancy and the abortion decision.  That’s why places like pregnancy medical clinics are a great community resource, whether a woman is currently pregnant and not sure what to do, or even after she has an abortion.

These clinics safe places for women to get information that empowers them to make smart healthcare decisions,  and good life choices as well.  At PACN, the “whole health” of the woman is addressed.  Medical services, educational materials, classes, support groups and programs are available to help strengthen individuals and families. Our nationally-recognized decision guide helps women – and their partners – take a deep breath and process the pros and cons of every option. For women  and men regretting a past abortion, our Confidential Abortion Recovery & Education (CARE) program helps participants process emotions and feelings to find peace and healing.

With so many opinions circulating in the media concerning the Hobby Lobby case, it’s important to get back to the heart of the matter – “whole care” for women, which will equip them on every level to make healthcare choices that offer the best quality of life.

If you have an abortion in your history, PACN is here to help. Our free, confidential abortion recovery program, CARE, is available to both women and men. Contact us for more information.

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