Client Voices: Meet Mommy T

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At PACN, our goal is to journey with each woman so that she feels confident and empowered.  Meet Mommy T.  Through PACN’s no-cost medical and material services, she was able to focus on being the best she could be for herself and her baby. The happiest moment of her life was seeing and holding her baby boy for the first time. “That’s something I can’t even put into words,” she stated.


Q: How have PACN services been helpful to you and your family?

A: When I found out I was pregnant I felt a little lost because I didn’t have insurance at the time.  I was able to make an appointment at PACN to schedule a no-cost pregnancy test to confirm my pregnancy and receive an ultrasound to see my baby.

Q:  What advice would you give to other moms who come to PACN for our services?

A:  My advice to other moms is simple-trust these people. They know what they are doing and the best way to help.

Q:   What’s the best thing about being pregnant and then becoming a new mommy?

A:   I enjoyed being pregnant but being a mom has been my greatest blessing!  I’m a single mom so I have my challenges but I’m able to lean on PACN for help with diapers and wipes when things are tight around the house.  Every time I come in they pray for me and my son.  I’m extremely thankful for that!

Bottom line, motherhood is all so incredibly rewarding. That makes everything worth it.

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