Client Voices: Meet Mommy R

Mommy R welcomed precious Baby K much earlier than expected. After more than two months in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU), Baby K and her Mommy finally got to go home. Mommy R hopes that her story helps other parents who walk the difficult, stressful journey of having an infant in the NICU.

I found out I was expecting a little girl when I was 15 weeks. My due date was Feb 28th, 2014, but my daughter decided she was ready to make her grand arrival 10 weeks early. I had a emergency c-section due to my blood pressure skyrocketing over four days. She was born on 12/23/13 weighing a hefty 2 pounds, 15 ounces and 16.3 inches long. She dropped down to 2 pounds, 9 ounces. She was in the NICU for 7 weeks and 3 days.

We had a very bumpy road at the beginning, but everything is leveled out. She has beat the odds and is now a healthy 12 pound, five month old little beauty with a smile on her little face 90 percent of the time. She’s absolutely amazing and she is doing wonderful. I am a full-time mommy and daddy to her. I left her dad when I was 22 weeks and have been doing everything by myself and with the help of my parents. We are doing awesome though.

God is amazing and prayers are magical!momma w

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