Client Voices: Meet Mommy J

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Being a mom of 2 children ages 19 and 21, this PACN client thought her job of raising kids at home was coming to a close but at the age of 40 she found herself unexpectedly pregnant.  Though she had no doubt of her love for this new baby, she was shocked and turned to PACN for support.  This is her experience.

Q: How have PACN services been helpful to you and your family?

A: During my pregnancy PACN gave me someone to talk to when I was pregnant and going through a rough patch. In addition, they helped me with nice maternity clothes to wear for work. After my daughter was born,  they gave me baby clothes along with a beautiful quilt and baby essentials (baby bath, shampoo, diapers, etc). I am also participating in the Vouche for Success Program which allows me to do educational homework and earn points for bigger baby items such as a stroller, crib, etc. I have also taken advantage of the photo session offered. These are all wonderful services that have greatly helped with my beautiful sweet baby girl.

Q:  What advice would you give to other moms who come to PACN for our services?

A:  As for advice to other PACN moms,  I would advise them to take advantage of the programs which will best serve them. PACN offers a variety of services to fit your needs, from no-cost medical services to simple, yet important things like diapers. Having a baby is both a joyful and emotional time. A little extra help and education is very useful for any mom no matter if it is the first time or third time.

Q:  What’s the best thing about becoming a new mommy?

A:  The best thing about being a mom is the love. It is an unconditional love like no other. I think the happiest moments are watching her learn and do so much. She was so helpless when she was first born. She gives the sweetest hugs and slobbery kisses.

The hardest thing about being a mom is being on call 24/ 7. However, I can’t think of anything better than raising a child. Its the hardest job you will ever love.

UPDATE: In the early summer, Mommy J found out she was going to be a grandma! She immediately recommended her daughter go to PACN. Since her daughter has had to cut back on work hours, PACN was able to help with a no-cost pregnancy test and ultrasound.  Her daughter now has the piece of mind that her baby is developing well.  In addition, she is participating in the VFS program! Mommy J said, “PACN is the best program I have ever seen or heard of for pregnant women and new babies.” 


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