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In a world that was created and loved by our Heavenly Father, we believe that fathers have a big role to play. The National Fatherhood Initiative is an organization that works to inform agencies about ways to help fathers and ways for them to help other fathers. Below is a survey being conducted through Harvard School of Public Health to understand the challenges & opportunities for including fathers in research on child health. This study focuses entirely on fathers.  Be sure to share with all the fathers you know! After determining their eligibility, they will be directed to a 10-minute online survey and will be compensated for their time with a $5 gift card. You can also visit the National Fatherhood Initiative’s Website and peruse the wealth of information about fathers and for fathers. 

Visit one of the following links to see if you dads qualify:

Googlevoice numbers: 617.855.9450
Deadline to complete the survey is 2/14/14.

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