Client Q&A: Catching up with Niki, one year later


When Niki came to PACN in 2012, a positive pregnancy test had her in tears and feeling desperate. She already had a baby girl at home, her relationship with the baby’s father was falling apart and she didn’t think she could face her family and tell them she was pregnant. Niki believed abortion was the only option for her. She made the call to a local clinic to schedule the procedure. There were just too many obstacles in her path to have another baby.

The same day Niki called an abortion clinic, one of the biggest roadblocks to continuing her pregnancy was lifted: she received a job offer. Without the worry of not having steady employment, there was a glimmer of hope for Niki’s baby. She was happily surprised to find her family loving and supportive of her pregnancy. She didn’t feel the weight of the world on her shoulders any more. Maybe, just maybe, she could choose to keep this baby.

PACN was there to assist Niki with material, emotional and spiritual support. She participated in PACN’s self-paced education program, and met with a specially trained consultant who helped Niki make a plan for herself, her daughter and her baby.

With the encouragement of family, friends and co-workers, Niki made a selfless, courageous choice to continue her pregnancy. Had all of her problems been solved? No. But slowly, Niki realized that her life didn’t have to be picture-perfect for her to welcome her child into the world.

She shared her story at PACN’s 2013 banquet, and PACN caught up with her one year later to see what life has been like since the birth of her son in 2013.

What’s changed since we met you at banquet 2013? You were pregnant with your son then. What is life like a year later?
I now live in Conroe in my own apartment and I’ve received a promotion within the V.A. I have a hectic life taking care of two toddlers. My son is now walking and likes to wrestle his older sister. Every single time I look into his eyes, I am so blessed to have made the right decision.
Initially when you came to PACN, circumstances in your life made the idea of having another baby seem impossible. Now that your son is almost a year old, what advice would you share with other moms in challenging situations who are pregnant?
To view each challenge as a chance to grow and learn. Do not be too hard on yourself. Mistakes will happen and there are times when you are unsure of yourself. Continue to stay prayerful and hopeful, change will come.
What’s the the hardest thing you’ve faced or had to learn? What is the best thing about being a mommy to your children?
The hardest part is that they are both toddlers! They are both learning, which means they are getting into things and both demand my attention. I feel at times physically drained and it gets hard to remember to take care of myself. The best thing is watching them grow and develop their own personalities. I love to watch them interact with each other and when they smile and giggle, it lights up my world.

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