Childbirth & Newborn Care Classes at PACN

By Pam Philpott B.Sc.N, PACN Volunteer Childbirth and Newborn Care Instructor

Anticipation. Fear. Uncertainty. Frustration Joy. Loneliness. Companionship. Love. Hope. Laughter. Gentleness. Wholeness. Confidence

These are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of what the attendees may bring to, and may experience, at a typical PACN Childbirth & Newborn Care class.

Each mother has her own history. Some come with the baby’s father. Some attend with a mother, friend, or maybe a sister. Each will have her own birth story to tell, and the classes are available to help mothers, and their birth companions, to prepare.

PACN has offered free childbirth and newborn care classes for many years for clients, and for mothers in the community who may not be able to afford classes offered at other venues. At least six class series per year are offered by Lamaze-trained or certified instructors, and participants are provided with information about birthing and early baby care with opportunities to practice skills they have learned. Moms and partners learn ways to advocate for themselves and their babies with health professionals, and they are reminded of God’s love and care for them through pregnancy, birth, and the new role of parenting.

PACN is able to offer this service thanks to volunteers, donations of materials and classroom aids, and the generous space donated in the past by area churches, and, for the last five years, at Memorial Hermann Hospital The Woodlands (MHHTW).

Special thanks are due to Lori Eckenrode, BSN, RNC – Clinical Manager, Lactation & Perinatal Education at Memorial Hermann Hospital The Woodlands for making it possible for PACN to conduct classes at the hospital. She has continued the relationship PACN has had with the MHHTW Perinatal Education department that was initiated by her predecessor, and so we are very grateful. Bobbielynn Sommers, RN, LCCE, a staff member of MHHTW, is a volunteer instructor for PACN, and she provides excellent educational tours of The Birth Center for class participants – and great sandwiches for them too! We are blessed with generous, compassionate people.

The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. Ps. 145:9

Bobbielynn Sommers and Lori Eckinrode for MH

Lori Eckenrode, BSN, RNC – Clinical Manager, Lactation & Perinatal Education at Memorial Hermann Hospital The Woodlands and Bobbielynn Sommers, RN, LCCE, also at  Memorial Hermann Hospital The Woodlands.

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