A HUGE thank you to CrossRoads Baptist Church!

CrossRoads Baptist

5/29/13 Update: A few more baby bottles have trickled in from CrossRoads Baptist Church since our initial post, and we’re thrilled to announce that the total raised has increased to $6,302.30! Thank you, thank you to CrossRoads members and friends for supporting PACN in our mission to assist women, men and babies!

May 24, 2013 – Missions Pastor Morris Horner from CrossRoads Baptist Church is surrounded by $5,560.33 in loose change, cash and checks in all of those baby bottles! Thank you to CrossRoads for participating in PACN’s Change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign and making a difference. Your support helps PACN continue to offer completely free services to women, men and babies in the community.

Get involved by pledging to fill 8 oz. baby bottles with loose change, cash or checks to help raise money for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. This is an easy and fun way to raise money for PACN. We provide the baby bottles, drop them off at the location that is best for you and pick them up whenever you are ready. You can select the number of bottles that you’d like and when you’d like to participate. Most churches and groups participate for 3-4 weeks at a time. For more information, email changeforlife@pacn.org

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