Jenna’s #myfreedomstory

freedomstoryblog_jenna_250This couldn’t be happening.  Surely not this time.  These were just a few of the thoughts that went through Jenna’s head as she stared at the pregnancy test.  She had been using the “Plan B pill” as a form of birth control and felt confident that everything would be ok.  Now this.

As she entered the Planned Parenthood clinic, Jenna had already decided that an abortion would be her best option.  Looking back on her life, memories of past sexual abuse as a child came flooding back and with it, feelings of anxiety and depression. She felt like a failure.  She felt unequipped to parent this baby and reassured herself that this was her best option.

But the appointment did not go as she had planned. Jenna was only a few weeks along in her pregnancy and anemic.  She was instructed to take iron and magnesium and reschedule her abortion when she was further along.

Jenna’s life got a re-start that very moment.

Several days passed when she found herself doing something she normally didn’t do; Jenna was sitting in church.  The confusion and depression had become far too much for her to bear and here she sat.  Church wasn’t a part of her normal Sunday routine for a variety of reasons but she felt strangely comfortable.  When church was over, Jenna noticed the pastor was leaving but he stopped to talk with her. He invited her back inside where they could speak further.  This was something she never would have expected.

It gets even better – while Jenna was pouring her heart out to the pastor, Kim, a PACN ultrasound nurse, just happened to stop by.  She too was able to listen and share with Jenna about the love of Christ and His plan for every life that is created.

The next day Jenna made an appointment to come to PACN.  During her consulting session, she was again able to hear about the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel.  She scheduled her ultrasound to see her baby the very next day, and left PACN saying, “I have always known who Jesus is, but I had not truly received Him until today!”

At PACN, we believe the root of every #myfreedomstory is faith and belief in Jesus Christ.  He is the one who lovingly sets all of us free from our sin, confusion, lies and bondage and graciously grants us abundant life in Him.

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