Amber’s #myfreedomstory

freedomstoryblog_amber_250“It was the precious feet pin,” Amber said.  “I already had two abortions and I wasn’t sure about this pregnancy.”

“What kind of mom would I be?  I wasn’t sure if my boyfriend would be around; when he was, sometimes he was abusive.  I couldn’t even pay my utilities.  My life was a mess.

“I didn’t go to church and had nowhere to turn.  Then I found PACN.”

Amber’s life turned around.  Yes, PACN helped her, but the desire was her won.

When Amber had her pregnancy test, there was a precious feet pin in her gift bag.  This is a representation of the feet of a 10-week old pre-born baby. She said that the pin was instrumental in influencing her to carry.

Amber and her boyfriend diligently came to PACN throughout her pregnancy.  They immersed themselves in our education program, Vouch for Success (VFS).

In Amber’s words, “I was able to unload some of the baggage I carried.  Years ago, I was in prison when my dad died.  I never got to say my last good-bye.  I carried that guilt a long time.  I talked it over with a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPCI) at PACN.  She helped me a lot.  It felt good to let go of guilt.  I wanted to straighten out my life.

“I also got a brochure from PACN for legal aid.  I am clearing up some things in my past now with help from an attorney.

“Best of all, my boyfriend and I are going to church.  The desire came from doing a Bible Study through PACN.  We want to be the best parents.  My boyfriend has not been violent in a year.  He is clean.  Being a dad has made him a different person.

“Thank you PACN for starting us on a journey that is leading our family in a good direction

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