Volunteer spotlight: Caring for clients

Countless people volunteer at PACN because they too, have ‘walked a mile’ in our clients’ shoes. The following is an interview with Kim, a PACN nurse, who cares for clients by performing ultrasounds, STD testing and assisting with well-woman exams. WHY DO YOU VOLUNTEER AT PACN? “Because I was a 16 year-old mom.  I didn’t get […]

Amy’s #myfreedomstory

Dear PACN, Thanks for reaching out to me! It seems like such a long time ago when I was feeling uncertain about my pregnancy.  I will never forget how helpful it was to talk to someone.  I was so overwhelmed and it was a tough time. But things have completely turned around for me!  I […]

Melinda’s #myfreedomstory

You could hear gasps and see eyes suddenly filled with tears as many learned the sad news. Sarah, a PACN client, had lost her life in childbirth.  The baby would now be raised by her loving grandmother, Melinda. As Melinda sat down one day, she opened a Bible that PACN had given to her daughter, […]

Renee’s #myfreedomstory

Renee was 18 years-old.  She was a good girl who always followed the rules, worked hard in college, earned good grades and even managed to hold down a 38 hour per week job.  But here she was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with a boyfriend who had no job, no car and very little support.  Renee […]