Services that are whole person…
Medical, Educational, Counseling

No-cost, whole person care that removes barriers

By offering a whole person care approach, PACN removes financial barriers and offers non-judgmental support that is compassionate and practical.  This approach is crucial to those considering abortion and opens door for The Gospel to be shared.

By joining the PACN Community, you provide no-cost medical services which equips clients with the information they need to make positive life choices.

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Ultrasounds
  • STD Testing & Treatment
  • Well woman care
  • Counseling

Educating hearts and minds

Lack of support is one of the main reason’s women choose to abort. To overcome this barrier, PACN offers a life-skills education program focusing on the client’s personal growth and establishing healthy relationships. Its self-paced approach allows them to choose classes and/or assignments they feel would be beneficial. Your support allows clients to participate in the following opportunities:

  • Child Birth and Newborn Care class
  • Fathering in 15
  • Love and Logic Parenting class
  • Relationship class
  • Bible Studies
  • ProU Education Library

Compassionate CARE

55,000 abortions are performed in Texas annually. Every day women and men are living with its silent pain. PACN can help individuals find closure and healing through our free, CARE (Confidential Abortion Recovery and Education) program. All classes are confidential and offered separately for women and men.

Call our offices at 936-441-7755 or email us at to learn more.