Exciting times at the Spring/Woodlands center!

In case you haven’t heard, there are lots of exciting things going on at our Spring/Woodlands center! The plans for our well-woman clinic are underway and we are working around the clock to get everything finished. Last weekend, we had help from Crossroads Baptist Church, Spring Baptist Church and Church Project. God blessed us abundantly […]

Our biggest announcement yet!

Did you hear PACN’s big news?! We are so excited to announce construction recently began on the brand new medical wing of our Spring/Woodlands center, and we will offer no-cost well-woman exams in late October.  The expansion of our medical program will open the doors for hundreds of women each year to receive care at no-cost […]

Defunding of abortion clinics: why PACN should expand medical services

When HB2, aka Pre-born Pain Bill, passed this summer, it was a huge victory for everyone who values all life. Representative Jodie Laubenberg, author of the Bill, summarized it like this: “This bill is about the health and safety of women, but also about the unborn child who has pain receptors and can feel pain […]